Randori Judo

Judo Kit


Judogi is  the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition. They come in white and blue which was introduced for television purposes so spectators can tell the difference between the opponents. Although these are traditional colours some of our Judoka have expressed themselves and died their Gi’s pink and tie die! Judo gi’s can be purchased or ordered at the dojo.


The Obi is the Judo belt and comes in different colours depending on grade (see grading page). There are several different ways to tie your belt but we have chosen to show a video of the easiest way to do so. We encourage parents to help our young Judoka to learn how to tie their belt as well as encouraging them to practice at home.


Zori is the traditional Japanese name for footwear worn when not on the mat although these days they are apparently referred to as sliders!


Botoru is the Japanese name for bottle. We encourage all participants to attend class with a water bottle and provide regular drink breaks as it is important to keep hydrated particularly when doing such a physically demanding sport like Judo! Randori dojo water bottles can be purchased in our shop.